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Global Voices LTD

Our Operations department is where we make it all happen! Project Managers, Linguists, Analysts and Interpretation Specialists work together in synergy to manage projects and source the perfect translators and interpreters to match each client's requirements. They are in this department that have meticulous planning, a keen eye for detail and the ability to multitask find themselves excelling.

The areas you will cover:

Contacting linguists for translation projects, assisting the project manager in coordinating both large and small projects, formatting, reviewing and proofreading, and working with various software that aid project management. Preparation of quotations and job orders. These tasks are based on individual capabilities, experience and attitude at work.

Global Voices Ltd is a rapidly expanding translation company with operational headquarters in Scotland. Our client base includes a wide range of global organizations throughout the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and the US.

A successful track record in hosting internships has resulted in global voices gaining reputation for adding real value to students.

Students applying through the Erasmus (or equivalent) programs will have the opportunity to embark on our tailor made programs within one of the departments that best match their course criteria.

Our "learn by shadowing" approach is proven to work and gives you a taste for the skills needed to succeed. A designated mentor wants to make progress at each stage of the internship.

We look forward to welcoming you!